Bringing Your Talent and Executives to the United States


We help sports leagues, management teams, and promoters set up virtual subsidiaries in the United States to support access of international athletes, coaches, support staff, and executive to opportunities in the market.

Use your subsidiary to sponsor USA athlete visas

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We can create a business entity in the United States to serve as the Petitioner (Sponsoring Entity) for international athletes and executive staff of your business. Furthermore, the US entity can be used to establish helpful infrastructure in the United States to increase the access of your business to opportunities. The US Entity can help you establish a bank account, access to USA financing, and social security numbers for beneficiaries of the visa.

Benefits of Sponsorship through USA Entity

Full Control of Immigration Status

Athletes can travel freely for competitions and training

The USA entity of can also petition for spouses and family members

Becoming more available to USA competitions by already having work authorizations

Athletes are encourage to remain with the same organization


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P-1: Individuals and Teams for Employment Visa

P-1 visa is the often the most appropriate visa for Sports Leagues and Promoters to secure international athletes and pay them. Timing procedures can be critical for P-1 visas for Sports Leagues. The P-1 visa can take two to three months unless Premium Processing is applied to the P-1 Visa Petition

L-1: Intra-Company Transfer Visas

This visa permits executives and employees with special skills to transfer in and out of the United States through common ownership between a US and Foreign business entity. The L-1 does not require reporting of world wide income for tax purposes and can serve as a pathway to permanent residence in the United States.

O-1: Sports Professionals (Athletes and Coaches)

These visas a appropriate for athletes and coaches that exemplify extra-ordinary ability in their field of endeavor. These visas are coveted because they provide wider flexibility for work authorization and are a pathway to USA green cards for EB-1 petitions.

P-1s Visas: Visas for Coaches, Managers, and Trainers

P-1s visas are appropriate to accompany a successful P-1 petition if there are coaches, managers, and trainers that need to accompany the P-1 visa athlete. P-1s visas are helpful when it is not possible to obtain a visitor visa. Even if the Sports League is not directly employing the coach or manager, who may be in a contractual relationship with the P-1 visa holder, the P-1s petition is still appropriate.