P-1 Employer Form

You have made it to the final portion of the P-1 Visa process which is the completion of USCIS Form I-129. We have most of the information necessary to complete the form but there are several confidential pieces of information about your business that must be included in the form. Due to the confidential nature of these inquiries, we save them to the very end of the process. This information will only be shared with USCIS and will remain confidential otherwise. 

We need to actions from you:


1. Please print and sign these signature pages and send to the following address (Send multiple if you plan to get more visas):

Queen City Immigration Law

222 S. Church St, Suite 100

Charlotte, NC 28202


Form G-28 - Please sign under section 3.a and date (preferably in blue ink)

Form I-129 - Please sign and date Page 6 under Part 7 and Please sign and date Page 28 under Section 2 (preferably in blue ink)

Please use the following form to provide the required information for USCIS Form I-129 so that we can complete your P visa package.