Visa Solutions for Coaches P-1 and P-1S

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International coaches can be great candidates for the P-1 or P-1s visa depending on their circumstances and experiences. Successful petitions include thorough and accurate explanations of the coaches experiences and awards. In addition, the petition must also include a reputable sponsor that is able to prove the need for a foreign coach for their business model. Sports Visas USA is consistently monitoring sports trends and responses from USCIS to put our clients in the best position to receive their visas as soon as possible.

#1 Sponsor and Petitioning Agent

Each P-1 or P-1 Visa must be petitioned for by a USA based employer, Training Facility, Agent, Manager, or U.S. Agent. In addition, the P-1S visa must be tied to an approved P-1 petition.

#2 Recognition as an International Athlete

The coach must be able to prove at least two of seven categories that are association with P-1 an P-1S visas. Some of these criteria are objective such as competing with a national team. Other categories are more subjective such as expert opinions and awards featuring the Beneficiary.


Written Consultation letters or no objection letters from a Labor Union are strongly encouraged but not mandatory. Many sports do not have a labor union or the labor union will only write letters for athletes under contract with them. Our attorneys are able to obtain these visas even when we are not able to obtain a consultation letter or no objection letter from a labor union.


P-1 approved athletes can also be joined by spouses and unmarried children under 21 through P-4 petitions. The P-4 Visa is available to the spouse and unmarried children under 21 of both P-1 Athletes and P-1S Support Personnel. The P-4 Visa is usually limited to the same period of time as the corresponding P-1 or P-1S application. The P-4 Support Personnel are not permitted to accept payment but may attend school or college. 


Government fees are $460 for regular processing and an extra $1410 for premium processing

California service center takes about two to three months for regular processing. The Vermont service center takes one to two months. Premium processing gets the petitioner 15 business day responses and is encouraged when the athlete needs to compete within 45 days.