MMA Management Company P-1 Visa Approved after only 2 days of Processing - California Service Center

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Sports Visas USA’s client HLR Management successfully sponsors a multi year visa for mixed martial artist Marilia Fanta after only 2 days of processing. The California Service Center has approved her I-129 Petition for work authorization tied to the management company that allows her to compete in multiple sports. 

P-1 visas are usually the appropriate work authorization visa for foreign athletes. The P-1 traditionally is very limited in scope and the purpose must be carefully articulated to USCIS to avoid unauthorized work issues on renewal. These days, many athletes are coming under scrutiny during renewal for P-1 visas due to competing in different sports, different promotional companies, and performing work for sponsors that are not mentioned on their original I-129. Sports Visas USA is trying to educate management teams about the unique position they have in sponsoring athlete visas.

“We are doing some great things for fighters that are cut from promotions like the UFC,” partner, Sherrod Seward says. “Most fighters do not know their work authorization is up after 30 days of being cut. We are able to use their management relationship in the United States as a basis to continue and expand their work authorization to compete or train.”

Marilia Fanta is a relatively new mixed martial arts fighter with a professional record of only 3-0. However, she has had success in other sports such as Muay Thai and kickboxing. Our team was able to obtain her status as a general professional martial artist to qualify her to compete in all of these sports. She will be making her United States debut with Combate Americas in New Mexico. 

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