Partner Sherrod Seward, Esq attends first annual Sports Immigration Lawyers Conference

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On March 8, 2019, Partner Sherrod Seward of Queen City Immigration Law d/b/a Sports Visas USA  attended the first ever Sports Immigration Lawyers Conference (“SILC”) in Orlando, FL. The Sports Immigration Lawyers Conference brought the nation’s premier sports focused immigration attorneys together to discuss best strategies and current trends. The conference was organized by Ksenia Maiorova of the Maiorova Law Group PLLC and was a tremendous success. Sherrod Seward of Sports Visas USA plans to participate and contribute to the conference in the future.

“It was a very good feeling to know that I am not working in a silo,” partner, Sherrod Seward says. “I am one of the only attorneys in my region that deals with P-1 visas so it is wonderful to meet other great sports immigration attorneys to share ideas and experiences. Ksenia and her team did an absolutely wonderful job with this conference.”

The conference was attended by over one hundred immigration attorneys from all over the nation with many diverse niche practices such as squash, jockeys, esports, hockey and more. The highlight for Partner Sherrod Seward was Amy Maldonado being awarded Sports Immigration Attorney of the year. Amy Maldonado is one of the premier baseball focused sports immigration attorneys in the nation and also one of the most helpful people in the industry. She was very helpful in a equestrian related case to Sherrod  a few months ago.

Moving forward, the relationships and insights shared during the Sports Immigration Lawyers Conference will improve the quality of petitions and arguments presented to USCIS for P-1, P-1S, O-1, and permanent residence cases for athletes from all over the world. Sherrod plans to contribute and learn from the group in the years to come.

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