P & O Visas for Professional and Semi-Professional Hockey Athletes from Around the World

Hockey has a major professional platform in North America for both training and competitions. National leagues and regional professional hockey leagues are able to support P-1 petitions for hockey players. P-1 visas for hockey players are also available for player agent contracts and can last up to five years. National team and collegiate experience is an example of favorable recognition to support a P-1A petition for hockey players. Hockey players are also great candidates for Permanent Residence based on their abilities.

Non-Immigration Visa Options

  1. P-1A classification for professional hockey players who are internationally known or recognized.

  2. P-1S Classification for essential support personnel, business and training staff, of P-1 international recognized hockey players Athletes with valid status.

  3. O-1 classification for aliens of extraordinary ability in Rodeo & Equestrian Sports