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Helping Brands Provide Invaluable Immigration Services for Athletes and Coaches

Your Company as a Sponsor

Brands that support athletes can serve as a Petitioner for athletes that are supported by the brand. Sponsoring an international athlete’s visa is invaluable and helpful to the athlete’s career. By serving as the immigration sponsor to the athlete, your company can establish a deeper relationship with the athletes that marketing your products and services deeper than the typical sponsorship arrangements. The sponsorship is low risk and high reward way for brands to solidify relationships with the worlds best athletes.


  1. Visitor Visas are becoming harder to obtain, the proper athlete based visa will maintain an athletes ability access the United States.

  2. The athlete can obtain a social security number that allows them to properly file taxes and expenses for prize money and other compensation

  3. The athlete’s immigration status can survive switching agents and employment status.

  4. Athletes are encouraged to maintain relationship with brand to not incur interruption in immigration status.


1. Create a U.S. Subsidiary if necessary (if brand is foreign)

2. File for Non-immigrant visas in the P-1, O-1, and P-1s categories

3. File petitions for family members of international athletes

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