Bringing the World’s best Athletes to the United States

P-1:Internationally Recognized Athletes for competition and training

P-1 visas are appropriate for internationally recognized with an appropriate sponsor. P-1 visas can be based on training arrangements, competition contracts, player contracts, and management contracts. P-1 visas can last for up to 5 years and can be renewed. Derivative visas are available for the P-1 athlete’s spouse and children under 18 years old. We are able to break down the P-1 visa procedures and P-1 visa costs during consultations.

Q-1: Visa for Cultural Exchange Opportunities

In the interests of encouraging the exchange of cultures, the Q-1 visa functions as a trade off visa. This visa allows foreign nationals to participate in cultural exchange programs and employment opportunities while United States citizens travel to learn about different cultures. The validity dates of the visa must match the program that in which the beneficiary is participating.

P-3: Industry Professionals and Cultural Training Opportunities

This visa is rarely used because it is so fact specific. But this option is appropriate for ethnic, folk, and traditional arts and music performances. This is common for unique regional sports and performance groups going on tour. These visas are also available to essential support staff of the P-3 beneficiaries.


Athletes and sports industry professionals with great resumes ad contacts may be eligible for the O-1 visa. The O-1 visa is reserve for foreign nationals that have risen to the upper echelon of their fields. For example, persons that have competed or coached in the Olympic games are great candidates for O-1 visas. Other useful evidence is internationally recognized awards and support letters from reputable media persons and experts.