Visas for Sports Agents and Their Clients 

P-1S: Visas for Essential Support and Business Staff

P-1S visas are appropriate for trainers and business persons of P-1 beneficiaries and are much more robust than B visitor visas. While a United States based sponsor must petition for the P-1S visa, there is no need for the sponsor to have a contractual relationship with the P-1S visa holder. P-1S visas typically have a validity date of 1 year and can be renewed for up to ten years.

B-1/B-2: Visitor Visas

B visitor visas are appropriate for support staff and agents that are not being compensated by the sponsor. For example, in boxing, the cornermen of fighters typically arrive on B visitor visas because they are not compensated directly from the promoter. However, B visas are becoming increasingly difficult to get for persons that come to the United States on a regular basis and the P-1S visa might be more appropriate for coaches, trainers, and agents.

E-1: Treaty Trader Visas

The E-1 Treaty Trader visa is an appropriate option for business persons of select countries that do the majority of their business in the United States. These persons must be engage at least 51% of their imports, exports, or services with the United States. The E-1 visa is very fact specific but can be a great durable immigration option for foreign nationals who qualify such as agents and managers who have athletes that compete regularly in the United States. E-1 visas are typically issued for 2 year stays but are eligible for unlimited extensions.